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The peaches are not certified organic.

From the orchard: We only spray if there is a problem and are very aware of what we put on our fruit since we (the applicators) are actually the ones most susceptible to contact and dangerous side effects.  Plus we eat thousands of our peaches a year! 

You can rest assured that we are a small operation that takes every step possible to watch out for problems and take every possible precaution before having to spray; unlike some large commercial farms.

How do I change or cancel my order?

Are the peaches organic?

What if I forget to pick Up my reserved fruit?

If you wish to add to your order you can make another order online. If you need to reduce your order or cancel it, please call or email us directly.

What are your hours for pickup?

Exact hours for pickup will be announced closer to the date and you will receive an email - but be assured that we will be open at 7:00am until dusk the days we have our sales. 

Go through your peach box as soon as you get it home. Take out the very soft and ripe peaches to eat first (these are usually the sweetest). Place the rest of the fruit in the refrigerator. Take out peaches to warm to room temperature that you wish to eat next.


Peaches that are not refrigerated will get very soft and be more prone to mold if not eaten within a day or two.

When you reserve boxes of fruit it lets us know how many of them to order from the orchard. It is very important that you collect your boxes on the day of pickup.


Peaches are extremely perishable and we do not have adequate refrigeration to hold peaches beyond the weekend. If you forget to pick up your peaches and come a couple days later, chances are they may be sold. Please call us before coming after the pickup date to be sure we still have fruit available.

where should i keep my peaches?

I'm not satisfied with my box of fruit. Now what?

Give us a call - 651-275-9406 or email:


Let us know why you aren't satisfied and we will work on a solution.

My question wasn't answered here

Give us a call - 651-275-9406 or send us a message!

We love hearing from our customers!

Thanks! Message sent.

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