Farm fresh fruit from Palisade, Colorado

We bring you the world's best peaches just the way they should be -

  • tree ripened,

  • sweet,

  • juicy,

  • & ready to eat.

HOW it works:

Our peaches are picked, packed, and shipped straight from the orchard. Through our pre-order approach we can ensure that you will get the best quality, freshest, and sweetest Colorado peaches right here in Minnesota.

summer 2020 SALEs CANCELLED

We are saddened to announce that the 2020 Peach and Pear sales are cancelled.


In late April the Palisade, CO area experienced a severe frost while the peach trees were blooming. This cold snap resulted in a 99% crop loss. We have been trying to source peaches from other orchards but we could not be confident that the flavor and ripeness that we have come to expect would be attainable. With difficulty, we have finally made the decision that we will not be bringing peaches and pears to Stillwater this year.


This year has proven to be extremely difficult due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. Our family was hopeful that we could provide our town with a tiny bit of normalcy and joy by hosting another “Peach Festival”- but we just don’t have the peaches. A bit of good news is that the trees, without any fruit to produce this summer, will grow peaches even bigger and sweeter in 2021. We are looking forward to that!

"Next year I need to order a whole box, and not share, ours disappeared way too quickly!"