Farm fresh fruit from Palisade, Colorado

We bring you the world's best peaches just the way they should be -

  • tree ripened,

  • sweet,

  • juicy,

  • & ready to eat.

HOW it works:

Our peaches are picked, packed, and shipped straight from the orchard. Through our pre-order approach we can ensure that you will get the best quality, freshest, and sweetest Colorado peaches right here in Minnesota.

summer 2021

Summer 2021 Sale dates will be announced in early July. Sign up for our email announcement to get notified. We will post on Facebook and our previous customers will also get a postcard.

We wait until the peaches are at their peak before announcing sales dates. We want them to be at their sweetest before they are picked - crop conditions are closely monitored. Colorado peach season is late July through the month of August.

"Next year I need to order a whole box, and not share, ours disappeared way too quickly!"